Rope of Lies (Episode 2.25)

Executive Producer Frank Price
Written By Les Crutchfield
Directed By Herschel Daugherty

I’ll try not to make yu’ sorry.

Episode scene:

Steve Hill, one of Shiloh’s top hands and a friend of the Virginian, has accepted the foreman’s job at Alva Lowell’s ranch. When she tells him how glad she is, he tells her simply “I’ll try not to make yu’ sorry.” and goes to the bunkhouse to talk to her men.

Quotation from the book (Chapter 20):

[T]he new foreman, when he got outside, turned back for one gruff word,-- ”I’ll try to please yu’.” That was all. He was gone in the darkness...Sounds of cheering came to us a few moments later from the bunk house.

Additional comments:

  1. The series never treats us to an episode showing when the Virginian became the foreman of Shiloh Ranch. This is the closest parallel I could find in the show to the memorable scene in the book when “The Judge Ignores Particulars” and promotes the Virginian.
  2. When the Virginian tries to dissuade Steve from taking Alva Lowell’s offer to be her foreman, Steve hotly retorts “You took your chance when it came along! What’s wrong with me doin’ the same thing?” The Virginian warns Steve that he fell on his face “a time or two” before he became foreman at Shiloh.
  3. Steve’s appointment as foreman is met with jokes and jeers by his friends at Shiloh and the hands at Alva Lowell’s ranch, in direct contrast to the “sounds of cheering” the Virginian receives in the book.

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(Compilation © 2004 by Alice Munzo. All rights reserved.)