A Bad Place To Die (Episode 6.09)

Executive Producer Norman Macdonnell
Produced by Joel Rogosin
Written by Judith & Robert Guy Barrows
Directed by Don McDougall

Is that all?

Episode scene:

Trampas is to be hanged in the morning for a murder he did not commit. Clay and Stacey Grainger as well as the Virginian are trying desperately to find evidence he is innocent and time is running out. The prison guard tells Trampas he can send one message before he dies. He declines, but then changes his mind. “Uh, wait ... uh, get this to the, uh, Grainger Family, Medicine Bow, Shiloh Ranch. Say, uh, I want you to know even after tomorrow I'm very grateful to you all.” The guard then asks if that's all, and Trampas confirms “That’s all”

Quotation from the book (Chapter 31):

[After his best friend Steve is hanged, the Virginian is visibly upset that his friend had no last words for him before dying.] “You prob’ly didn’t notice Steve? I mean the way he acted to me?...Steve never said a word to me all through. He shunned it. And you saw how neighborly he talked to the other boys...He shunned me.”

In Chapter 32, the Virginian and his companion find a dead man with a newspaper in his pocket on which is scribbled a good-bye note from Steve: “I could not have spoke to you without playing the baby.”

Additional comments:

  1. Perhaps Trampas felt that a note to the Grainger family included the Virginian and everyone else on the ranch. But I found it significant that like Steve in the book, Trampas could not put his feelings for his best friend into words.

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(Compilation © 2002 by Alice Munzo. All rights reserved.)